As a summarization of everything below, my specialty is working with new companies and helping them with all aspects of their branding from the ground up. However, a large portion of my projects are smaller, one-off designs or websites. Whatever you may be looking for, I’m happy to help!

Take a look at my most common service offerings below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to contact me and ask 🙂



WordPress WebsitesTypically I build all my websites on the WordPress platform. I do this for a multitude of reasons, but mainly because it is the most widely used open source CMS in existence with currently around 75 million websites. It has the most user-friendly admin panel so making basic changes come with ease. There are an infinite amount of ‘plugins’ available that allow your website to do pretty much anything you please. From an e-commerce site with thousands of products for sale, to a simple portfolio like you’re looking at now… WordPress can do it.

Everything I build is mobile-responsive, which is an absolute must these days. Responsive websites alleviate the need for having a separate, mobile-specific website by taking the desktop version and simply automatically reordering content sections to make it easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to your visitors.

Behind the scenes, I’m optimizing your website along the way for search engines so you have a solid SEO (search engine optimization) foundation right off the bat.

My method is simple. You tell me what kind of look you’re going for and the functionality you’d like, then I build it. Once your new website is looking and acting the way you’d like, I train you how to make as in-depth of changes as you want to learn, so you can keep your site up-to-date without having to pay me for maintenance! After I set you free, I’m always available to help you out or answer any questions you may have.



Company logoFor nearly every business, a logo or way to brand yourself is a necessity. Your logo says so much about your company and it’s your consumer’s first impression… a visual representation of what you’re all about.

I’ve made logos for both lax and picky customers, but the end result is always their satisfaction. I take any design input you give me and run with it. Typically I will have a few different options for you in the first phase; you then tell me what you like/dislike about each one. From there I make changes, then rinse & repeat as necessary.

Once your logo is finalized, I give you a variety of filetypes along with the source file so you can begin branding any medium you need.


Search Engine Optimization

Google SEOWhere your website shows up when people search on Google is the top factor in your website’s traffic. Search engine algorithms take hundreds of factors into play when they decide where you rank in their search results. Ranking organically is a never-ending job that requires a lot of time and effort to show up near the top.

I’m able to help you out on your organic ranking front by working on the most important things from that long list of ranking factors. Writing unique, rich, valuable content; fine-tuning your meta titles and descriptions behind the scenes; optimizing coding; hooking you up with Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics; making user-interface adjustments that keep visitors on your site for longer… these are just a few things I do that help you.


Other Stuff…

  • Business cards, brochures and small-format print design
  • Banners, billboards and large-format print design
  • Social media setup
  • Company email setup
  • T-shirt designs
  • Email marketing setup