ROUTE 66 RV Network logo


The Route 66 RV Network is the largest network of independently-owned RV dealers in the US and Canada. RV dealerships that are invited into the Network are able to offer branded travel services and goods to their customers which are backed by the Network’s 140+ locations in North America. This is the company I’ve worked for since 2011.


  • A decade+ worth of projects


Around a year into my tenure (2012) I took it upon myself to make some much-needed updates to the company’s semi-undefined branding in any free-time I could find. Since the company’s inception in ’03, customers were being presented with pixelated & stretched logos, red Comic Sans body copy, and any other styles the staff member involved saw fit. I started with the logo…

[IMAGE old logo]

Ugly, but I understood the impact of a complete rebranding, so I brought it into the 21st century by creating a 3D version. Of course there would be situations where a 3D logo would not work well, such as small print or 1-color, so I created a flat alternate which provided an organic, lively option when compared with the original. As the design trend has tended to shift more toward flat/vector layouts in the past few years, we’ve been using the 2D version more frequently.

[IMAGE 3D logo]  [IMAGE flat logo]

After approval of the new logos, I went on to create a branding guideline document to pass on to any third party companies who would be including Route 66 RV Network in their advertising. Once approved, it was spread around the office and put an end to the red Comic Sans and other unsightly creations. This began a previously unseen era of brand recognition, and along with other changes, the company’s B2C membership programs started seeing significantly increased renewal rates.