Eagle Bay II Homeowners Association HOA - Tyler Pearsall

Eagle Bay II Homeowners Association


Eagle Bay II is a gated community on the shores of Indiana’s largest body of water, Lake Monroe. Located just a few miles southeast of Bloomington, Eagle Bay and Eagle Bay II are among only a few neighborhoods that border the large reservoir. 

Eagle Bay II had no website, logo, or branding of any kind. The homeowners association approached me for a website, and I whipped them up a free, quick logo to go along with it. 

They previously were using their personal email addresses for communication, so I convinced them to let me set up generic “@eaglebay2.com” email boxes for each of the HOA board member positions, which can be passed along as members come and go.


  • From-scratch website built on a WordPress platform
  • Logo design & association branding
  • Email setup